ENR’s Best Residential/Hospitality Porche Design Tower Features Nystrom Floor Doors

FCRMENR Southeast recently honored the Porsche Design Tower Miami as Best in Residential/Hospitality for 2017. Mark Morrell, Regional Territory Manager for the Southeast indicated that Nystrom provided the fire-rated floor doors for the project. Continue reading

Dubai World Trade Center Features Nystrom Roof Hatches

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The Dubai World Trade Center’s latest expansion now features Nystrom’s Personnel Roof Hatches. Continue reading

Nystrom Awarded Access Panels and Floor Doors on Al Hamra Tower

al-hamra-towerThe Al Hamra Tower, the tallest sculpted tower in the world, is currently under construction in downtown Kuwait City, Kuwait and was designed by architectural firm SOM www.som.com . The tower will become the tallest building in Kuwait upon completion in 2010 at 412 m (1,352 ft). It will also be the tallest sculpted tower in the world. Continue reading