Nystrom Honored with 2020 Employer of the Year Award

Nystrom, Inc. Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN – LockLeed International Chief Executive Officer John Henka presents 2020 Employer of the Year award to Nystrom Senior Human Resources Director Susan Aaker and Nystrom Chief Operating Officer Matt Benson

Minneapolis, MN – Commercial building products manufacturer Nystrom, Inc. was presented with the 2020 Employer of the Year Award by LockLeed International for its efforts in hiring military talent.

Founded in 1948, today CEO Sue W. Thomas, leads 190 manufacturing and business support employees. The company is true to its five core values – profitable growth, lead by example, customer first, raise the bar and balance – which is supported by recruiting dependable, conscientious, distinguished employees.

Nystrom, Inc. Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN – 2020 Employer of the Year award for Nystrom

Since entering a partnership with LockLeed in 2020, Nystrom has hired six veterans and was recognized in January 2021. “It’s a privilege to work with a military organization like LockLeed, and we are honored to be presented this award” said Susan Aaker, Senior Human Resources Director. “The 3% of our workforce that are veterans bring invaluable life experience, skills and leadership to the company. They give the same commitment and dedication to the success and growth of our company as they did in service to our country. We look forward to increasing the number of military employees through our partnership with LockLeed in the years to come.”

View the LockLeed newsletter for more details.

About LockLeed International

At LockLeed our mission is to develop partnerships with world-class organizations and assist with the process of placing talented candidates into great positions. Our goal is to facilitate communication between companies and veterans; helping both sides understand the language of the other so that both sides win. At LockLeed we are building bridges between employers and veterans.

About Nystrom

Founded in 1948 as an independent representative for building product manufacturers, the Nystrom quickly shifted to its own manufacturing operations and grew its business through product diversification and acquisitions, including the 100+ year old Babcock-Davis brand. Today, led by CEO Sue Thomas, Nystrom has 180 manufacturing and business support employees with an extensive national partner network throughout North America. Yes, we have job titles here—but they don’t define us. So what gets us powered up each day? For starters, we are true to our five core values— profitable growth, lead by example, customer first, raise the bar and work/life balance. We think big – because we’re all about creating the ultimate hassle-free service for our customers. We make a difference in our communities. No matter who you are or what you do with us, you’ll find endless ways to be part of something greater than yourself.

We hire for the following positions:
Engineering • Welders • Assemblers • Machine Operators • Customer Support • Sales • Technical Support • Estimating • Drafting & Design • Finance • Information Systems • Human Resources • Marketing & Product Development • Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain • Facilities Management