3 CEU’s to meet your requirements

c5070b16c8dd9fd96aef90e1b785Are you in need of end of year continuing education units (CEUs)? Well, you’re not alone. Nystrom currently offers three online courses through Ron Blank that can help meet your requirements.

1. Managing Building Movement with Joints – Understanding building movement joints, forces, joint types, filler and cover options is an integral necessity. Using this information will help assure that designs and specifications will achieve the desired success and prevent the deterioration that would otherwise occur in a building from movement.

2. Step up to Safety – Selecting the appropriate pre-manufactured stair treads and nosings to improve the safety of your building stairway design. Pre-manufactured stair treads and nosings can complement your building design and improve the safe means of egress from your building with proper installation.

3. An Introduction to Entrance Flooring Systems – Every entrance flooring system for a commercial facility has individual considerations. This course will explain the functions and benefits of a well-designed entrance system and will provide application dependent guidelines that will aide in proper system design We will review and discuss the impact and performance effectiveness of entrance flooring products related to indoor air quality and how those flooring products address United States Green Council (USGBC) LEED credits. The application section reviews common applications, and makes system recommendations based on predetermined design factors.

Prefer to take the course in person? No problem. Nystrom offers live seminars in select locations. For more information on Nystrom’s Architect and Specification Resources, or to see how Nystrom can help on your next project, please visit http://www.Nystrom.com.