Specifying Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

6c8e95a9feefa98ae7cf295fb763In the event of a fire, a missing, empty or tampered fire extinguisher can lead to catastrophic loss. It is this reason that the installation of fire extinguisher cabinets is necessary. Fire extinguisher cabinets are designed to keep fire extinguishers, hoses and blankets secure while still providing accessibility in the event of a fire emergency. Although there are many options for fire extinguisher cabinets, we will cover the top three commercial uses.

Architectural Cabinets. Architectural fire extinguisher cabinets are versatile and built for endurance. These cabinets can typically be configured with locks, pull handles or break handles that will alert maintenance professionals that the cabinet has been accessed. Additionally, there are various glazing options that allow visual access to the extinguishers. Typically, there are choices for a solid panel, full glazing, a small glazed window, or a tall glazed window. These cabinets are also available in various trim styles. Trimless cabinets are fully recessed into the wall and can easily blend in with the surroundings. Meanwhile surface mounted cabinets, although not ADA compliant, are typically installed on masonry walls or structural columns. There are many die-cut lettering and labeling options that allow for added customization either on the cabinet, or on the surrounding surfaces. For those applications that may be exposed to external elements, rain hoods can be added on top of surface mounted fire extinguisher cabinets to shield from the weather.

f7de5cbd6d7d2754bf215ae20e75Detention + Institution Cabinets. These cabinets are typically found in schools, prisons, hospitals and government facilities. They are constructed with heavier-duty steel and are designed with added security. The detention cabinets will accommodate a fire hose, valve, fire blanket and portable fire extinguisher. Additionally, these cabinets are typically available for recessed or surface mount installations and fire-rated assemblies.

8dedb0e288661249dbde5f35feeaFire Blanket Cabinets. Fire blanket cabinets are designed to hold chemically treated fire-retardant blankets. These cabinets are typically found nearby fire extinguishers, by first aid kits, and on boats. These cabinets can be surface mounted to the wall, recessed into the wall, or remain portable.

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