National Fire Protection Month

national-fire-prevention-awareness-month_2018Monday marked the beginning of National Fire Prevention Month. Every October local fire stations and other fire protection and prevention agencies campaign safety, security and safe egress in the event of a fire. Dennis Hunsinger, former Regional Director of FEMA said “Annual Observances like National Fire Prevention Week and National Fire Prevention Month are excellent opportunities to focus on fire hazards – but we should all practice fire safety every day – at home, at work and at play”.

As a commercial building product manufacturer, Nystrom recognizes the need for these products. That is why Nystrom offers several products that extinguish fires and protect against fires spreading. This month, our articles will focus on these products, their use and applications. Nystrom’s fire protection products include:

  1. Portable Fire Extinguishers. According to NFPA 10, the maximum travel distance to extinguishers is 75 feet in commercial buildings. Nystrom’s extinguishers are portable and sized to fit in extinguisher cabinets, or stand-alone wall mounting. There are several options that are designated to extinguish type A, B, C and K fires.
  2. Fire Extinguisher Cabinets. These configurable cabinets are designed to secure portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and valves while complementing interior decor. These cabinets are available in architectural or detention cabinet options.
  3. Fire-Rated Access Doors. At a rudimentary level, these access doors are constructed to keep fire from spreading through wall and ceiling openings. Fire-Rated Access Doors with insulation keep the door from overheating while uninsulated options will be hot to the touch.
  4. Fire-Rated Floor Doors. As the name implies, these floor doors are rated to keep fires from spreading between floors for 2 or 3 hours. Fire-Rated Floor Doors are available in a standard utility diamond tread pattern or with a 1/8 inch recess to accept VCT, carpet or tiles.
  5. Fire Barrier Systems. These fire barrier systems are designed to work with expansion joint systems. The fire barrier systems allow thermal and/or seismic movement beneath expansion joints.

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