Making Nystrom a Great Place to Work

Make Nystrom a Great Place to Work is a philosophy and organizational goal that is embraced by Nystrom employees. Annually, the organization holds several events that focus on career, social, financial, physical/mental and community aspects.

This summer Nystrom employees were eligible to participate in one summer outing, either high-speed go-karting, or golfing. Along with the summer outings, Nystrom employees walked the surrounding neighborhoods to pick up litter, were treated to an ice cream truck social, participated in a Budgeting Seminar, and donated school supplies to the Community Emergency Assistance Programs (CEAP).

Well-Being@Nystrom is a concerted effort that supports the organizational goal, to Make Nystrom a Great Place to Work. By keeping employees engaged and more productive, this results in a healthier, more balanced organization.

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