Building Maintenance Value of Entrance Flooring Mats and Grilles

Facilities managers spend a significant amount of their annual budget on maintaining floors. According to the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) it costs more than $500 to remove one pound of tracked-in dirt.

As an example, in an office building with a typical Monday to Friday work week and a traffic flow of one thousand people entering per day, those one thousand people will track up to 24 pounds of dirt into the building over a 20-day period. If it costs $500 to remove one pound of dirt, it costs $12,000 per month to remove the tracked in dirt. Over a 12-month period, that equates to an annual cost of $144,000. This example assumes there is no entrance system so there are no barriers to dirt, debris and contaminants from entering the building.

If the owner installs an entrance system of 18 feet, removing and retaining dirt within the system, the costs savings in maintenance of interior floors will be over $129,000 per year. That is a significant savings, so let’s walk through how that savings is achieved.

An entrance flooring that removes 90% of the contaminants so we are only allowing in 2.4 pounds of dirt for 1000 people in the 20-day period. Again, that is assuming the business is only open weekdays. The monthly cost to remove the 2.4 pounds of dirt is $1,200. That equates to an annual cost of $14,400. Without the entrance flooring the costs to maintain interior floors was $144,000. With the entrance system in place, the owner saves $12,600/year or over 2.5 million dollars over a 20-year life cycle.

It is important to a maintain the entrance system, so there will be additional costs for maintenance plus the cost of the system. Maintaining 18 feet in one area, is significantly less expensive than removing debris tracked throughout the entire building. Presenting life-cycle costs will help owners understand the long-term value of an entrance flooring system.

In addition to maintenance, you should also be considering the impact to necessary replacement of interior floors. Dirt and moisture not captured at the building entrance can ruin interior floor finishes. We did not include replacement of interior floor costs in this example, but it is easy to understand that maintaining a floor will reduce frequency of replacement.

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