5 Access Panels for Plumbers

20170104_114630Whether a franchise or independent owner-operated business, plumbers come in all different shapes and sizes. So too do Access Panels. Not just any access panel will work in all situations. Access panels are designed to secure access to objects in walls and ceilings both physically, and visually. We’ve put together our list of popular access panels for the plumbing industry.

Architectural Access Door95d1e6bb1aa35c529b0c8fcbb8f2The Architectural Access Door is the standard universal metal access door. Although there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on this panel, this is the perfect solution to secure access to gas and water shut off valves in walls and ceilings in closets, cabinets and mechanical rooms.

Stainless Steel Access DoorNTC1010SThis is not a trick, this is an option for our Architectural Access Door, but we thought this was important enough to call it out on its own. The Stainless Steel Architectural Access Door comes with the same features, functions and design as the above Architectural Access Door, however stainless steel has its own distinct benefits. The material is naturally corrosion resistant making this an ideal solution for areas where moisture is a concern. This door should be specified and used in areas such as clean rooms, kitchens and bathrooms where bacteria is a concern.

e8cd98c80c8d32c0ae9459b0a168Drywall Access Door – The Drywall Access Door is available in 3 variations depending on the installation condition. The tile option (RGT), is designed for use in walls in interior areas where moisture is a concern, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This panel is constructed with 1/2-inch green board pre-installed in an aluminum angle frame, and a removable door with concealed push latches. All these features and functions allow this door to blend in… you could say it’s stealth!

9f24ebb1cace464a463773173eacTile-Ready Access Door – The Tile-Ready Access Door is designed with a pan style door to accept tile with adhesive infill. The finished aesthetics of this door and the Drywall Access Door for tile are the same, however this Tile-Ready door is fire-rated and UL Listed “B” for 1-1/2 hours. This door can be ordered in steel or stainless steel for added corrosion resistance. This door should be specified and used if the access required is in a fire-rated wall and is typically found in bathrooms and pool areas. The combination of aesthetics and functionality with this door make it a stealthy hero.

Fire-Rated Insulated Access Door19c74fb7b5d50f686e134b37576dThis metal door is a beefier version of its cousin, the Architectural Access Door. Designed with a deeper pan door that encloses 2 inches of mineral fiber insulation, this door is UL listed “B” for 1-1/2 hours in walls and Warnock-Hersey listed for 3 hours in ceilings. The added insulation, self-closing door and proper installation make this the best utility option for maintaining a fire-rated wall or ceiling assembly. This door is typically found in closets, under cabinets, or in a mechanical room.

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