Nystrom Expands alumaGRIL Entrance Grilles

e2041ecc03b10a94f1944122ce6dNystrom, a leader in innovation solutions for entrance floor mats and grilles, is expanding the popular alumaGRIL ™ entrance flooring line.

The alumaGRIL Architectural Grille adds a sleek, clean and modular look to entrances. At a fraction of the price of stainless steel entrance grilles, these modular sections add style to any entrance.  Our new products include:

  • 1/2 inch wide serrated tread. This tread can be combined with the plank tread for a unique design offered only by Nystrom
  • 3/16 inch wide serrated tread, a thinner tread similar to a stainless steel product.

Entrance Flooring Grilles provide value to a building owner improving safety, customers’ first impression, indoor air quality and reducing maintenance costs. alumaGRIL offers a sleek solution while maintaining value to owners.

For more on Nystrom’s Entrance Flooring products, please visit www.Nystrom.com/products/alumagril.