An Architect Note

Whenever we develop tools and resources we try to keep you, our customer, in mind. Recently, one of our Architect friends took a little time out of his day to let us know his thoughts.

I happened to need a roof hatch and you know where I went to find it!

I am really proud of (Nystrom) for coming up with a great web site from Home page to a deep dive into product information. I am so happy that all your investments in great content can finally be showcased in such a successful manner and on a slick looking site. Navigation is spot on and the end resources that architects and contractors need are front and center. Especially cool are the Product filters—I know how expensive and excruciatingly painful this data connection work is and but it is exactly what I need to find stuff fast!

I guess what I really wanted to say is thanks from all the busy architects out there—we know you understand that we sell time and that you respect our time.

Thanks also for leaving out all the bling, flash screens, audio and other schlock.

Keep on…

John S Vaci, Architect

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