3 Functions of an Entrance System

dreamstime_29733867Entrance systems are one of the most important areas in a building… they make the first impression. Every safe entryway needs to have these three essential elements:

1. Remove Dirt, Debris and Particulates. A well designed entrance system has both scraping and absorbing treads. It is ideal to first scrape the dirt, then remove the moisture.

GRATEdesign Rigid Grille shown with Dual Treads to scrape dirt and remove moisture

2. Retain Dirt. A well designed system is able to both retain the debris collected, and prevent transfer of collected materials from one cleaning period to the next. An entrance mat or grille should be able to retain the dirt that is removed from footwear. The greater the traffic flow between the cleanings, the more collection area is needed, ideally within the rails, to prevent tracking dirt throughout the building and causing irreparable damage to surrounding floor surfaces.

Where is the dirt retained?tracked-dirt

  • Well created between rails
  • Within carpet tread

3. Release Dirt Collection. The collected and retained dirt should be removed on a regular basis. Once a mat’s carpet fibers and well collection area becomes saturated, it becomes ineffective!

For more information on Entrance Systems, please visit www.nystrom.com/products/entrance-mats-grilles.