The Basics of Protective Wall Covering

Stainless Steel Wall ProtectionProtective wall covering encompasses a wide range or materials and performance characteristics.  It is frequently used by designers to enhance the appearance of a room.  Protective wall covering products are primarily for protecting wall surface while providing a basic level of improved aesthetic appearance.  Two industry standard types of protective wall covering include:

  1. 25aad21e2f13bb60ff6ff8668e39Stainless Steel Wall Coverings provide durable wall protection with a clean modern design. The corrosion resistance of the stainless steel makes the metal easier to maintain than other decorative metal wall coverings. Stainless steel reduces bacterial growth and allows for the use of harsh cleaners.  They are commonly available in sheets up to 10 feet in length of 16 gage stainless steel with a #4 satin finish.
  2. 719e6ff465a82f17df155907d99fVinyl Sheet Wall Coverings are available in a wider variety of materials and finishes. It is typically available in either sheet or roll form with color throughout the thickness.  This ensures minor dents and scratches will not be visible.  For a medium level of protection, sheets .028 inch and .040 inch are recommended.  For a higher level of protection a .060 inch sheet is recommended.

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