Partnering with Sweets ProductTAG for Lightweight Design Integration

PTAGNystrom has partnered with Sweets ProductTAG to allow the entire design team (Architects, Specifiers, Construction Managers, Estimators and Designers) to easily search, select and annotate manufacturer building product data directly into your Revit/BIM project files.

Sweets ProductTAG is an app for Revit that streamlines product selection, improves project docuementation and allows in-project search, selection and annotation (tagging) for products. This app allows the designer to tag a generic model in their Revit BIM project file with manufacturer information without weighing down the project file.

Sweets PTAGEach product on the Nystrom website has been tagged with a green “S” Tag icon. When browsing with the Sweets ProductTAG app in Revit, the Nystrom’s product information will now populate in the meta data for each element that has been selected.

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