Don’t Let Title 24 Trip You Up


In the world of stair treads and nosings you hear a lot about Title 24 and its relationship to brightly colored nosings set into the concrete stairs to make it easier for the visually impaired to identify the leading edge of a stair tread. There is also a common misunderstanding that California Title 24 relates to only to the accessibility aspect of the California Building Code. In actuality, Title 24 is composed of 12 “Parts” that include the Administrative Code, Building Code, Mechanical Code and Fire Code just to name a few. In essence, it is the California Building Standards Code.

Found in Chapter 11B of the 2016 California Building Code, Part 2, Volume 1, you’ll find the regulations that address Accessibility to Public Buildings, Public Accommodations, Commercial Buildings and Public Housing. You’ll also find section 11B-504.4.1 which states “Contrasting Stripe. Interior stairs shall have the upper approach and lower tread marked by a stripe providing clear visual contrast. Exterior stairs shall have the upper approach and all treads marked by a stripe providing clear visual contrast.” The section goes on to explain the details of the stripe and its placement on the stair tread in order to comply.

Similarly, under the General Site and Building Elements section of the 2010 ADA Standards you’ll also find a similar advisory stating that visually contrasting nosings should be considered at the leading edge of the stair nosing.

504.4 Tread Surface. Stair treads shall comply with 302. Changes in level are not permitted.

  EXCEPTION: Treads shall be permitted to have a slope not steeper than 1:48.

Advisory 504.4 Tread Surface.Consider providing visual contrast on tread nosings, or at the leading edges of treads without nosings, so that stair treads are more visible for people with low vision.

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