Let There Be Light… Innovative New Skylight Smoke Vents

a87ed2bf41fca32e111aa25fa102Nystrom announces the official launch of its new SunLit™ eco Skylight Smoke Vent with a minimalist design to simplify installation, maintenance and manufacturing. This resulted in a product that is extremely lightweight, has fewer parts, fewer potential points of failure, high-recycled content and meets NFPA requirements.  The addition of the domed skylight provides added sustainability benefit of natural daylighting. At just over 100 lbs, it is half the weight of the industry standard and is designed to fit more than 50 on a truckload – more than twice the industry standard!

The SunLit™ eco Skylight Smoke Vent incorporates a patent-pending continuous hinge, extruded into the curb and cover. The hinge extends the entire length of the door providing a better structural connection and evenly distributes the high spring force across the full length of the vent.  The interlocking hinge prevents air and water intrusion when the door is in a closed position.

The dome is secured to the lid with a patent-pending snap fit retainer. The snap fit ensures a stronger hold without using fasteners to penetrate the aluminum skin (thereby eliminating penetration points for air and moisture intrusion).

Reduction in components was achieved through integrating the spring and hold open arm, eliminating the pintle hinge and fasteners, and developing a snap-on retainer to secure the dome.  The result is a product that installs easier, operates better (with fewer parts) and includes a higher recycled content.

Environmental concerns regarding shipping and packaging were also considering during design.  The low profile design allows eight 48” x96” vents to be stacked on an individual pallet, reducing the shipping foot print and weight by 50%.

Installation, maintenance and product resilience were key considerations throughout the design process.  The SunLit™ eco Skylight Smoke can be installed over an existing apron curb mount eliminating waste in re-roof projects.  The vent is approximately 50% lighter than a traditional vent allowing easy installation by two installers at 1/3 to 1/2 the time of a traditional smoke vent.

It’s been said that Resilience is the new Sustainability. The SunLit™ eco Skylight Smoke Vent excels at both. Fewer parts means fewer parts to fail. Maintenance is easily performed with innovations such as the spring release pins and center attached latch for one person to close.

While the SunLit™ eco Skylight Smoke Vent could be aptly be called Occam’s Razor Vent (because we designed and redesigned to remove extraneous functions) the eco earned the moniker by being both economical (it’s less expensive than the models it replaces) and eco-friendly – a feat all too rare.


  • 50% lighter than typical smoke vents – cuts installation time in half.
  • Clear Polycarbonate dome meets OSHA Fall Protection Requirements – no additional safety grating needed.
  • Zinc plated steel rotary latch
  • UL 33 listed fusible melt-out link
  • Gas spring with integrated damper

For more information on Nystrom Smoke Vents, or how we can assist on your next project, please visit www.Nystrom.com.