Nystrom Introduces UL 1994 Listed Photoluminescent Stair Nosings

nystrom-photoluminescent-tread-184x120Nystrom announces a new addition to our full line of Stair Treads and Nosings: a photoluminescent color option (available now). With the inclusion of a 1 inch glow-in-the-dark strip, occupants are able to safely navigate out of a building during an emergency evacuation, no matter the ambient lighting conditions.

Any of Nystrom’s stair tread products with a total photoluminescent width of 1 inch are UL 1994 Listed Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems (a full abrasive strip is not required).

In a building, steps and stairways are one of the most common locations for people to trip, fall, and be injured. Providing safe egress in the event of an emergency is a primary consideration when choosing a stair tread supplier. Constructed to be permanently installed in high traffic areas, you can count on Nystrom’s stair treads and nosings to provide the safest, most reliable stair protection and path marking on the market.

Updated product documentation is available now.