Nystrom receives Florida approval for windstorm resistant louvers

Nystrom is pleased to announce that after a rigorous testing and review process, our 6″ deep, model LSA6D38FL drainable louver received Florida Product Approval, listed under Florida #FL11796.  This, combined with our existing Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptace (NOA) for models LSA6D38DC and LSA6D-DC, illustrate that our louvers will stand up to severe windstorms in Florida and around the country.

The model LSA6D38FL is classified under Underwriters Laboratories category Wind Resistant Building Components, and tested to 50 PSF Design Load in accordance with ASTM E-330 and TAS 202-94.  These tests verify the design load rating of exterior louver assemblies by means of structural load tests and static air pressure.